Tixte Development Kit

The TDK lets Tixte Developers Write Fast, Clean, and Human Readable Code

What Is The TDK?

TDK stands for the Tixte Development Kit. With the TDK you can write clean and human readable code fast. Need proof? See this circle program written with the TDK which takes only 5 lines of code:

function animate() {
tdk.circle(0, 0, 20)
Click Here to See The Result

As you can see the code is self explanatory. First you initalize TDK(needed if you are drawing to the screen/TDK canvas). Then you set the drawing color to red. Then you define the animate function, which gets called repeatedly(for this example it is not needed but we included it). Finally we draw a circle at 0,0 with a radius of 20. TDKjs uses a graph-like system for positioning. The center is 0,0 and each sector is 100x100.